How to order team suits (Updated)

[Pending 2018 update]


Swim Suit Exchange

I know that a lot of you still have suits that are in good condition, but just may not fit your kids anymore. Buying and trading swimsuits with each other is a great way to save some money. I want to help get the conversation going and encourage you to Reply ALL to this email with the size of suit you have and the size you need. 

As of May 11th, there is a Google Doc available for listing your wanted/available suits. It can be found at:

If you have suits to trade out of, or need a suit, jump in and post your name, email, and what size(s) or girls or boys suits you want/have.


Adult Team Shirts

All swimmers will receive a team shirt as part of their registration fee.  FOr adults that are also interested, Christine Shrader has a Google Doc up for that as well:

If anyone wants to order shirts for parents, or extra shirts for swimmers, please update this doc with your name, email address, and size(s) required.


Swim Caps

We have swim caps for sale for $5. They will be available at the concession stand or from me (Christine Shrader). 



Our team will be wearing the  TYR  - ALLIANCE T-SPLICE  - Black & White suit/jammer. This is the same suit we wore for the the 2014 and 2015 seasons. You can purchase your suit by simply ordering from one of these online retailers:

Be sure that you double-check the page you go to, and correct the color selection (to Black/White).  The websites have a habit of showing you the colors they like, not the colors we want.